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Pozo Lorente

The small town of Pozo Lorente, at the heart of La Manchuela (which means "Small La Mancha" in Spanish) is in Don Quixote's historic, inland Spain. Its hardly 500 inhabitants are deeply rooted in tradition, celebrating medieval festivities, living close to mother nature, and worshiping their ancestors as it has been done for centuries.

Its geographic situation, however, allows the visitor not only to experience its rustic lifestyle, but to also enjoy the perks of a modern, sizable city such as Albacete, which is only a mere 30 minutes by car away from Pozo Lorente. This ancient Castilian city cherishes too her historic roots, but has also embraced the Arts, creative and International Gastronomy, a sophisticated night life and highly selected shopping where one can buy anything, from one of its worldwide reputed handcrafted knives to a McDonald's burger.

Then there is the Júcar river 20 minutes away by car from the town, offering swimming, fishing, water sports, horseback riding and visits to the medieval castles of Alcalá del Júcar and Jorquera. If you like day trips, you can then enjoy an authentic, exquisite Valencian Paella dish by the ocean in Alicante (only 80 minutes away by car), and swim in its Mediterranean waters; or visit the mysterious city of Cuenca; the birth of the Rio Mundo; the Cabriel river, or simply go for a relaxing walk in the ancient towns of Tarazona de la Mancha and Chinchilla de Montearagón with its magnificent castle. Great bicycle escape too!

La Casa de Andújar was an old mill that was purchased and made into a home by don Blas Pérez-Andújar, a Guinea explorer who built the house for his wife, doña María Antonia Jiménez Villena, a native of Pozo Lorente. Legend tells the ghosts of the old miller and of don Blas still visit the house from time to time to thank its visitors and wish them well.

The Villa is in town, in a quite area. It features original designs and parts of a Spanish "palacete" that is unique in its kind. It offers 7 rooms for a total of 15 people, a bathroom in each room, top quality linen, heater and air conditioning, a barbecue grill with a wood burning oven, free wi-fi connection, a meeting room, music, library, flat TV screen, and all the necessary items for you to discover this amazing region of Spain where past and present meet for your uttermost pleasure.

The owners of La Casa de Andújar are direct descendants of don Blas and doña María Antonia, and they are glad to invite you to enter this mix of tradition, nature, history, culture and the arts, so you can experience a Spain not available in any touristic guide; a Spain that will surprise  and reveal to you the timeless heart of ancient, legendary and mysterious Castile-La Mancha.

Transportation, Area & Facility FAQs

Capacity: 15 people (7 bedrooms, each with a private bath).

Closest Airport : Alicante (1h. 50 mins.)
Closest Train and Bus Station : Albacete (30 mins.)
Shopping: 3 grocery and all-supply stores 100-200 meters away offering daily baked goods; 1 butcher and sausage factory great for barbeque items! There is also an open air market coming to town once a week with fresh food, clothing, bathroom and kitchen accoutrements. Also once a week there is a fish truck offering fresh fruit and frozen seafood options.
Gas Station: In town
Closest Swimming Pool: Pozo Lorente public swimming pool. Price: 1.50 Euros per day (open only in the Summer).
Closest Swimming/Fishing/Watersports River : El Júcar (20 mins. by car)
Closest Beach: Alicante (80 mins. by car)
Closest Bar & Restaurant : Bar/Restaurant/Pub 20 meters. Great local food specialties at great prices. Darts, pool table.
Closest Library: 15 meters (Excellent, up to date facility to borrow free of charge video games, movies, CDs. Computers, printer and scanner available).
For Children: Ludoteca (free baby sitting), movies for children, open park. 
Closest Medical Facility: 300 meters (M-F) Emergency care 2 min. from Pozo-Lorente, in Las Casas de Juan Nuñez
Closest Banking Facility: 30 m. away, and also in Las Casas de Juan Nuñez (2 min.)
Closest Sports Facility: Basque handball court, small football (soccer) field.
Closest Winery: Local winery "Bodegas Recial" 500 meters with great local wines available for sale at .
Closest Pharmacy: 150 meters
Other food options: Second local restaurant offers homemade bakery and desserts, coffee and homemade country specialties.

Transportation: Daily bus to Albacete

Amenities: Barbecue grill with wood-burning oven in the facility; cards, table games. 2 Fireplaces. LED screen with plug-in & free wi-fi. Private patio and Parking. Also, guided walks through the countryside. Public summer terrace with food service and drinks (spring-summer). Local festivities during Christmas Eve, New Year Eve, and local fairs such as the Santa Cruz (May the 3rd.) and Santa Ana on July the 26th. are very popular, as well as the Procesión de Semana Santa in April. There is also the festivity of San Isidro (May the 15th.) During these dates, the town celebrates with free music, open air games and attractions.

Other Attractions: Excellent hunting area. Also, in Albacete (30 min. by car) Night Clubs, Pubs, International Restaurants (Upscale/Creative, Italian, Chinese, Indian, etc...), Theaters, Shopping, Museums, Art. In Alcalá del Júcar (20 min. away by car) Horseback riding, water sports, canoeing.

Note: Classic Spanish Arts and Krafts WorkshopsGuided Countryside Walks, Water Sports, etc., can be scheduled and purchased when you reserve your rental. Orders onsite may be requested and available, but are not guaranteed.

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